Zynga Games Reportedly Heading to Xbox Live |

Considering the massive spending from Zynga recently, it won’t be surprising that the social games giant Zynga will bring its game to other platforms with a view to expand its presence. This is certainly surprising that what actually held Zynga until now to expand its presence to home console market, considering the popularity of its game on social networks.

Mark Pincus, CEO of Zynga said in one of his recent interviews that the company is testing on back-end technology that would enable them to transfer save-states between multiple gaming platforms. Here, the mention of Microsoft Xbox was prominent enough to give rise to speculations that Zynga integration with Xbox Live may not far from now.

It seems a little contradictory to the starters when considering the statement of Zynga developer Brain Reynolds, where he said that the Xbox demographic was too small for Zynga’s prominent Facebook and mobile reach. It might not be enough for the 30 million subscribers of Xbox Live to conceive the hardcore games demographic to feel the need to play casual social games.

Despite a hardcore gamer did need to get involve in a lighter experience, they can play it on their computer or mobile device. No matter Pincus points out in his interview that games could be “customized for the Xbox controller,” a vast majority of Zynga games based on point-and-click functionality, which is well-suited for a mouse of touch screen. It is because of the controls that the social games would never become handy in the console market.

If and when Zynga opts for gearing up its future titles toward a larger cross-platform audience, it does have the capital to invest. Considering the existing collection of top titles and the general ease of their exiting platforms, it doesn’t look likely that the Xbox-compatible Zynga store will bring much fortunate for the company.

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