Microsoft Improves Internet Explorer’s 9 Image |

You might be wondering what this news is all about. To tell the truth, you will find both funny and factual one at the same time,

The Redmond-based software giant, with its odd new advertising campaign for Internet Explorer (IE), seems to be making real efforts in sharpening the market’s perception of its long ruined web browser. The folks at PC World have this for us:

From March 5-14, BrandIndex measured a 10-point jump in the quality perception rating of IE among U.S. adults, and a nine-point increase in the group that identified themselves as early technology adopters. By March 16, IE’s quality rating was 50 among U.S. adults, 44 among early adopters.

A ten point jump undoubtedly is a big transaction. This certainly matters, particularly when we know that Windows 8 is on its way, and the software giant has an actual chance of regaining browser market share. Given the fact that the new Windows will convince people enough to hold the browser that it ships with, the company has a real chance to spread its market incursion. Moreover, if the people develop a favorable view about the IE, they are less than likely to make a switch.

As we have mentioned in the start that the report has to deal with some factual and funny aspect regarding Microsoft approach, let’s turn to the funnier side now. Strange enough, the company has done this all by mocking its own product. The following is given an ad from the company’s campaign which is extremely funny:

This is not the end, as the Microsoft has also put up a website, the “Browser That You Loved To Hate,” which is full of funny images as given above.

Microsoft is really pushing hard with the help of TV sports, YouTube clips and the weird Tumblr images to bring the necessary change for IE.

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