Information Technology, an Ever-Growing Career Path.

Scope and Growth

A midst the global slowdown, each sector in India is looking for some growth. There is a decline in demand for goods and services and constraints in the supply as well. However, the field of Information Technology (IT) has seen no discernible decline in growth. Of course, vis-à-vis a burgeoning economy the current state of affairs reflects some slowdown in the IT sector, but it is still faring comparatively better than the rest. Thus, it is no surprise that students dream of having an IT career. Especially, with the proliferation of the technology through computer and internet that have now evolved into smart phones and tablets, the opportunities in this sector sees no diminishing trend, at least in the short term future.


With business evolving into mature convenience, there is no field in the world that doesn’t use computers. Each sector starting from banking, pharmaceuticals, consulting, graphic designing, e-commerce, e-governance, power, utilities, financial services, telecom, infrastructure development, training, event management to even education now require their own set of softwares. This has added to the demand of the IT sector in the country and the expertise abroad. Innovation and the economy’s growth together have added to the value and significance of the IT sector in India. If you are looking to make a career in this field, the immense opportunities stated above should be stimulus enough.

Sub-Fields for You to Opt From

The sector of Information Technology is divided into the two main fields of hardware technology and software technology. The former one deals with physical components of systems. It includes the designing of the element, the manufacturing, assembling and maintenance. The latter one deals with software making, programming based on consumer needs and company goals. If you are thinking of making your career in hardware then you can opt from the functional roles of manufacturing, maintenance, research and development and managerial consulting roles. If your interests are more versatile then roles in software technology would be advised. Here you can opt between manufacturing of softwares, its development, data entry, programming, coding, application programming, support services, computer operations, or even sales and marketing of the softwares.

Qualifications Required

Aspiring is one thing and working towards it is another. If you want to be a part of this million dollar industry that sees no dull moments in its growth path then make sure to strive towards, a 10+2 education for an undergraduate course, a Diploma could be an added advantage if you desire to pursue graduation in the same and if you are aiming high for a post-graduation then a Bachelors in Mathematics, statistics, computer or operation research would be welcome. For similar career opportunities after education, you can visit websites of CMC careers or other reputed companies.

Looking to make it big with IT education in India? Then well, you are in the right place. India occupies an eminent position in the field of information technology. There are nearly 100 engineering colleges offering coursework in hardware and software technology. Choose the best one for booming career prospects.

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